Phalcon USA 

Mark Howard

“I’m proud to be part of a company that has a mandate to provide the type of service that supports the development of long-term customer relationships.”
Vice President Utility: Project Development

Responsibilities: Mark is responsible for operations, business development, contract negotiations and compliance for McPhee’s utility division. He leads the project management team, and supports project execution at an executive level with a focus on “planning the work and working the plan.” In addition, he works in with the Safety Director to assure safety work protocols are adhered to, new safety initiatives are considered and implemented, and to ensure everyone in the company understands that safety is McPhee’s first business priority.

Experience: Mark joined McPhee in 1995 as a project manager. In 1998 he was promoted to general manager handling the operation of the utility division. He developed and implemented a business plan that led McPhee to become a regional leader in high voltage transmission maintenance and construction, including providing electrical/prime construction contracting, and design/build EPC project delivery services to McPhee’s customers. Based on this work, Mark was promoted to vice president in 2003, continuing to oversee utility division operations in New England.

Pride: Some highly notable completed projects where McPhee played significant roles include some the largest undertaken in North America: the Cross Sound Cable HVDC Transmission Project, Bethel to Norwalk (CT) Transmission Project, Middletown to Norwalk Transmission (CT) project, NEEWS/GSRP Transmission Project (CT/MA), and the NEEWS/IRP Transmission project (MA/RI).

On being a Phalcon company: One of the key things that Mark enjoys about working for a Phalcon company is that the company's core values directly align with his own. This includes developing a safety culture, performing quality work, planning work in detail to assure achievement of goals, and developing long-term customer relationships. Mark adds, “I also get tremendous satisfaction in developing upcoming talent within the company by mentoring and passing on my experience.”

Free time:  Outside of work, Mark enjoys spending time with family and friends; doing anything that gets him outdoors such as traveling, fishing/boating; the arts; and believe it or not, working on projects at home.