Phalcon USA 

Michael Stancyzc

“Safety is more than just compliance, it’s a value endorsed by management and our employees and it’s how we do business.”
Safety Director

Responsibilities: Mike says his goal include making sure that the company’s employees go home every night to their families in the same condition that they reported to work in the morning. He accomplishes his goal by interfacing with the safety managers at each of the Phalcon companies to ensure compliance with OSHA and Phalcon’s established Company Policies, obtaining feedback and buy-in from employees, and overseeing the ongoing development of the company’s safety programs and culture.

Background: Mike has been with Phalcon since 2007. Prior to Phalcon, he was the Safety Director at McPhee Electric. He has spent over eight years in the United States Navy in their nuclear power program, both as a land-based instructor and at sea on a submarine out of Groton, Connecticut. Following that time, Mike worked in the power generation field and facilities management.

Pride: Mike says “Working at McPhee as the Safety Director gives me the opportunity to reach as many employees as I can to use the training and expertise I have acquired to provide the safest work environment possible.”

Free time: Mike is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys activities including hiking, kayaking, camping and fishing.