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McPhee was contracted by Bartlett Brainard Ecott to replace obsolete electrical/mechanical equipment with a fully redundant system for 7x24xforever capability at two of Aetna's Data Centers in Middletown and Windsor, CT.  


The Middletown facility included 70,000 square feet of raised floor while Windsor included 50,000.  In Middletown, McPhee installed four owner-furnished 2MW, 13.8kV generators, paralleling gear, 2700KW UPS in a Tier 2/3 facility. The new distribution back fed existing 72,000 square foot building. 


In Windsor, McPhee installed three owner-furnished 1.5MW generators, three 500kV utility transformers, three 1000kVa UPS modules, and fifteen 400A static transfer switches. The project was completed on schedule with a 10,000 square foot addition to the existing data center.  In both cases, all work was preformed while the data center was operational including transfer of critical load from the old obsolete system to the new systems.


Major equipment underwent extensive factory witness testing and complete integration and commissioning services.  Both facilities are fully redundant N+N systems.