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The Hartford Data Center Upgrade

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The Hartford Insurance Group is a leading provider of life insurance, group and employee benefits, automobile and homeowners insurance, and various investment products. This project doubled the data processing capacity of their main data center.  The size and extensive upgrades to the data center created a challenging project that McPhee succeeded on. The project included a 3-story addition to the Tier 3 facility consisting of 39,600 square feet. The project took place in a high security, live data center, where maintaining operations was critical.  McPhee was required to develop logistics to complete all cutovers without taking the data center off-line. The scope of the work included: 


  • 2-10MVA utility network transformers with relaying;
  • Four 3750/5000kVa; 5kV/600V square D Unit substation UPS  input switchgears;
  • Two 5000A/480V Mechanical switchgear lineups


The emergency distribution work included relocation of existing generators, install of four new 2MW, 5kV caterpillar generators, roof-mounted load banks, 5kV/600v load bank substation, Russelectric 5kV utility switchgear, respective paralleling gear, and ATSs. The UPS system was comprised of four 3MW 600V 2N redundant multi-module Liebert UPS Systems with custom system control and power tie output switchgear as well as comprehensive monitoring systems for system performance, battery reliability, and leak detection. McPhee was required to plan and execute all load migration transfers of legacy equipment as part of this project after the new infrastructure was in place.