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Reston Garage: Fire & Alarm

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The Reston Garage project featured a seven level 1,000,000 square foot parking garage co-owned by Fairfax County and Private Parties, residing at the new Silver Line Metro stop.

The fire alarm system was divided,  100% independent from each party. We designed and calculated loads on all SLC, NAC, Speakers and phone circuits for each entity on a per floor and circuit basis.  The building consisted of five levels below ground and four above. Several floors had both County and Private Areas on the same horizontal plain.

The sprinkler system consisted of thirty dry pipe zones, each being monitored by the fire alarm system. The fire alarm system was the latest state of the art XLS fire finder by Siemens. The field devices consisted of 41 NAC panels with 4 circuits each, serving 446 new ADA strobes throughout. There was 90 remote fireman’s emergency phone communication systems spread throughout all levels, floors and areas. The audible evacuation signal was produced by 446 weatherproof speakers. The manual and automatic initiation devices that activated the speakers, ADA strobes and any mechanical function came from 518 devices such as pull stations, heats, smokes and modules throughout the floors. All design submittals we produced were approved by the AHJ and accepted by the local fire marshal.