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Susquehanna-Roseland Electric Reliability Project

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The Susquehanna-Roseland Electric Reliability Project is a 500kV transmission line from the Berwick area in Pennsylvania to PSE&G’s switching station in Roseland, New Jersey. It follows an existing power line for the entire 45-mile length and will pass through 16 municipalities. 

The power line project was mandated by PJM Interconnection, the regional entity responsible for planning the transmission system, who determined that the new line was necessary to ensure reliable electric service.  

JBL Electric installed new distribution pole lines to feed the new Radar sites on the newly installed 500KV line from Susquehanna to Roseland Project. 

Additionally, JBL's Utility division upgraded multiple sections of strain buss from 1590ACSR to 2493 ACAR and insulate to 500KV in order to accommodate the new 500KV line.