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October 2016

Team McPhee Steps Out Against Diabetes

Team McPhee Stepped Out against diabetes over the weekend.

Team McPhee Steps Out Against Diabetes at the Connecticut Step Out Walk October 1, 2016

The Connecticut Step Out Walk to STOP Diabetes took place on Saturday, October 1st at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven.  The weather couldn’t keep our dedicated team members away... while forecasted for rain and colder temperatures, the day turned out to be dry and great for walking!  

Supporting worthy charitable organizations has always been at the foundation of how McPhee conducts business. Our employees fundraised $1,000 and McPhee then matched all donations doubling our team’s contribution to the Diabetes Association.  The American Diabetes Association is the nation's leading 501(C)3 nonprofit charity providing diabetes research, information and advocacy.

McPhee is a designated Corporate Health Champion by the American Diabetes Association for its employee health and wellbeing efforts.  McPhee has employees, family, & friends living with diabetes and pre-diabetes and knows that healthy lifestyles can help manage both of these conditions.  Participating in community events that promote health awareness and physical activity is a great way to follow through on our philanthropic and health values! 

Team McPhee at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven for the American Diabetes Walk

McPhee Involved in first U.S. Offshore Wind Farm

Block Island Wind Farm, Deepwater Wind, Block Island Transmission System, National Grid, McPhee Electric

While tourists headed to Block Island for their summer vacations, McPhee Utility Division employees were there working on a new 34.5kV substation for National Grid.   The new substation which will integrate with a new mainland substation in Narragansett called Dillon’s Corner by 20 miles of submarine cable.  

This work is all in preparation and conjunction with the creation of 5 offshore wind turbines on the Deepwater Wind Block Island Wind Farm project.  

The wind farm is anticipated to generate 30 MW of power, fully suppling Block Island’s current demand with excess being funneled to the mainland.   The two new substations McPhee is building are key puzzle pieces to ensuring a seamless power grid.


Photo Credit: Deepwater Wind

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